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Q: Do smoke alarms need to be cleaned?A: Yes, clean smoke and heat alarms with a vacuum cleaner once a month.
Q: How often should smoke alarms be tested?A: Ideally once a month while cleaning them. Test the smoke and heat alarms by pushing the easily accessible test button on each unit.
Q: What is the best location in a room to place a smoke or heat alarm?A: • The smoke alarm should be placed on the ceiling and ideally close to the middle of the room.
• Place a smoke alarm in each hallway and bedroom.
• Place a smoke alarm at the top of each staircase.
Q: What do the changes in the Residential Tenancy Act mean for landlords?A: From 1 July 2016 smoke alarms must be installed in all residential rental properties – which means:
• Working smoke alarms are now required in each sleeping space or within 3 metres of each bedroom door.
• In a self-contained caravan, sleep out or similar there must be a minimum of one working smoke alarm.
• In multi-story units there must be one smoke alarm on each level within the household unit.
• Landlords are responsible for making sure smoke alarms are in working order at the beginning of every new tenancy.
• Long life photoelectric smoke alarms are now required where there are no existing alarms.
• When existing smoke alarms are replaced, the replacements must be long life photoelectric smoke alarms.
• Hard wired smoke alarms are also acceptable.
• All smoke alarms must be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended replacement date stated on the alarm.




The New Zealand Fire Department recommends photoelectric smoke alarms and long-life batteries – they also recommend an alarm in every room and on every level of a building.

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